Camp Croft, South Carolina – 1941 – Brewski Time!

Camp Croft, SC, 1941 - Copyright Genealogy Sisters

Camp Croft, SC, 1941 – Copyright Genealogy Sisters

These World War II Army buddies are enjoying some well deserved R & R in this photograph from 1941. This picture was taken at Camp Croft, South Carolina, and saved by James Doran of Harrison, New Jersey. He was inducted in Newark, NJ, on 25 March 1941. James is the last one on the far right, and this would have been taken when he was 21 or 22 years old.

Camp Croft was a World War II Army Infantry Replacement Center (IRTC), in Spartenburg, South Carolina. From here, James Doran was sent to Camp Gordon, Georgia, serving in the 4th (IVY) Division of the Army, for the duration of the war.

Between 65,000 and 75,000 troops moved through the Croft IRTC every year. Most of the trainees were “selectees” meaning they were men drafted into service through Selective Service rather than volunteers. The men reported first to an induction center, probably in their hometown, and then were sent to a Reception Center. Reception processing ideally required four to five days during which time the men were tested, interviewed and finally recommended for an initial duty or training assignment. The next stop for many selectees was one of the nine IRTCs, all located in the south and Southwest.” Source:

Wordless Wednesday is a blogging prompt suggested by Geneabloggers. My postings are always Almost Wordless Wednesday! Thanks to all of our veterans!

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Family History Month – My Polish Family


October is Family History Month! Of course to someone that loves genealogy, every month celebrates the very same thing. Today I’m looking at my Polish roots, from my maternal grandparents side. Everyone in the photograph above was either born in Poland, or were first or second generation Polish-Americans.

The two women in the center of the picture, Mary Satkiewicz Szmek and Sophie Satkiewicz Rozenek, and some of their children, were from Chicago, Illinois, and they were visiting my family in New Jersey. Mary and Sophie were born in the same Polish town that my grandmother, Zofia Szczerba Mirota was from, called Berdechow ad Bobowa. We are still trying to figure out what type of cousins they were. We know they were cherished family because they became the godmothers of two of Zofia’s children.


Time to eat – jeść!

Jeść is the Polish word meaning come and eat, and is pronounced, yeshch. It doesn’t matter how small the kitchen table is, there will always be enough chairs for guests! I love Polish cooking, and it will always be my comfort food. The other day I made up a nice batch of potato pancakes, called placki, and enjoyed every bite drenched in sour cream and applesauce. At this table there is homemade cake, and lots of other food and drinks.

The adults in this picture below were either born in Poland, or their parents were. Joe Mirota is sitting on the right, and then going from right to left are, Jean Pucilowski Mirota, Pani Smek, Pani Rozenek, and her daughter, then Steve Mirota, and Ted Lubas. Pani is the Polish word for a married woman, and I remember in the morning greeting Polish neighbors with, dzień dobry Pan and Pani.  Dzień dobry, means I hope you have a very good morning.

The adults in this picture were either born in Poland, or their parents were:  Joe Mirota is sitting on the right, and then going from left to right are: Jean Pucilowski Mirota, the Pani Smek and Pani Rozenek , Steve Mirota, Ted Lubas.

Good luck researching your family this October! Happy Saturday!

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One Lovely Blog Award – A wonderful surprise!

BlogAwardWhat a wonderful surprise this morning to find out that Amy at Brotmanblog: A Family Journey has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! Thanks, Amy, for being a reader of my blog and for the nomination! Many of the blogs I enjoy take me on a journey, sometimes to the past, and sometimes into the unknown. Here are the basic guidelines Amy gave me for accepting this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to that blog.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire (or as many as you can think of!).
4. Contact your bloggers to let them know that you’ve tagged them for the One Lovely Blog Award.

A constant focus of this blog, Genealogy Sisters, that I do with my sister, is sharing family history and photographs. My brothers also help behind the scenes sharing stories.


One Candle

1. The most important thing about me is my love of family. Growing up we had fun times and crazy times and hard times. Sometimes family isn’t genetic, but instead the ones that hold you dear to their hearts. I love all kinds of family, but especially my own. My greatest joy is that now I’m a granny!

2. I really enjoy traveling. The photo below was taken when I was eighteen and on a biking trip in Canada with my girlfriend, Linnie. When she saw this picture recently she thought I most have all the photos from that trip, and I thought she must have had them. We laughed when we realized this was the only photo either of us had. Something I’m still trying to learn is to pack, and then leave half of it home.

Taking the ferry to Prince Edward Island.

Taking the ferry to Prince Edward Island.

3. Reading is another thing I really enjoy. One of my all-time favorite books was Anne of Green Gables. Can you read the title of the book I’m reading below? It was another classic from when I was eight years old. I still enjoy getting books for my birthday!


4. I love pets. At different times I have shared my life with dogs, cats, hamsters, parrots, and even an owl. Right now we have grand-cats, and a beautiful Chessie that enjoys our lake as much as we do. This photo shows my first fur-family love.

A Gal with her Pal.

A gal with her Pal.

5. Another thing about myself is that I enjoy the water. I like canoeing, kayaking, and sitting on the dock with my toes in the water. From the time I was little I loved looking for shells.


Doran clan at the New Jersey Shore

6. I love my faith, and I also enjoy learning about other beliefs and viewpoints.


7. I procrastinate and I dillydally. I will try and contact each one of the blogs that I enjoy below, but it won’t be today, and maybe not even tomorrow.

When it comes to nominating blogs that I admire, I’m omitting a few that I adore. I know some great blogs that won’t accept awards. Take a look at any of these blogs by clicking on the titles. In no particular order:

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“To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.” ~ Chinese Folk Wisdom.

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