Wedding Wednesday – Jozef Mirota and Zofia Szczerba – 1909


17 February 1909

This lovely photograph is from my Polish grandparents wedding, on 17 February 1909 at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church at Carnegie, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. As you can see at the top, it is still in the frame. It was hard to get a good photo of it without reflections.

Previously I have blogged about some of our family’s Polish wedding traditions. My grandmother is shown in her beautiful veil. Her parents were Piotr Szczerba and Apolonia Olszewski.

MirotaWeddingCMy grandfather was the son of Margaretha Tabis and Jacob Mirota. After being conscripted to serve in the Austrian Army once, he decided to come to America before he had to serve again. He worked in the coal mines of Washington County, Pennsylvania, before moving to New Jersey with his family.


My sister had sent to the County of Allegheny for the marriage record a few years back. The Office of the Register of Wills, Orphans’ Court, at Allegheny County, has marriage records dated from 1885 to the present.The certificate is below.

MirotaSzczerbaWedding1909BAlthough their homeland on the application below is lasted as Galicia, Austria, they were really from southern Poland. Galicia was under Austrian rule from 1772 – 1918. My grandparents came from small villages south of Tarnów. While doing research my sister and I found out that our grandparents had an arranged marriage, and only met each other two weeks before their wedding date. Seemingly they had a very happy marriage and were blessed with four children, and many grandchildren. They celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary before my grandmother’s death in 1953.

MirotaSzczerbaWedding1909Wedding Wednesday is a blogging prompt suggested by Geneabloggers. Good luck searching for your family’s wedding records!

Joseph and Sophia Szczerba Mirota, Copyright 20124, Genealogy Sisters

Joseph and Sophia Szczerba Mirota, Copyright 2014, Genealogy Sisters


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2 Responses to Wedding Wednesday – Jozef Mirota and Zofia Szczerba – 1909

  1. An arranged marriage… I’m so glad they were happy. Lovely photos.

    • Maryann Barnes says:

      Thanks Amberly! My grandparents did seem to adore each other. We are lucky to have these old photos. Good luck with your research!

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