Bridget Buckley Mahoney’s Death Record – 1895

Bridget Buckley Mahoney’s death record, 11 May 1895. Place of death Woodbridge, NJ. Burial at Calvary Cemetery, NY. Source: New Jersey State Archives, PO Box 307, Trenton, NJ 08625-0307.

Yesterday I received Bridget Mahoney’s death record from the New Jersey Archives. I’m feeling very positive that she could be my 2nd great-grandmother, since her maiden name was listed as Buckley. She died relatively young at age 63 from pneumonia. She would have been born in the right time frame to have had sons, John and Timothy, in the early 1860s in Ireland.

My great-grandfather, John Mahoney’s death record listed his mother as Bridget Buckley Mahoney, as did his brother Timothy’s death record. When Timothy Mahoney married Mary Bohan on 1 September 1889 in Woodbridge, NJ, his parents were listed as John Mahoney and Bridget Buckley. They were married in the presence of John Sullivan and Ellen Sullivan. More about Ellen Sullivan later.

Bridget Mahoney’s parents were listed here on this record as John and Margaret Buckley. Both John and Timothy had daughters with Margaret in their names. My grandmother was born in 1895 and named Mary Margaret Mahoney, and Timothy and Mary Bohan Mahoney’s first daughter was named Bridget Margaret Mahoney in 1901. What is so interesting is that Bridget was buried in New York, at Calvary Cemetery, and not at Woodbridge, New Jersey which had a Roman Catholic church and cemetery. The address for Calvary Cemetery is 4902 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside, NY 11377 and the phone number is 718-786-8000.

Source: Google Maps

The largest Roman Catholic cemetery in the United States is Calvary Cemetery. There are 3 million internments! It was established in 1848 by the trustees of the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Motts Street in Manhattan, when land in the lower section of Manhattan was too developed to build new cemeteries. It is owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York. There are four sections with First Calvary being the oldest. The total cemetery is 365 acres! If you look at the bottom right corner of this map you can find Gates Avenue in Brooklyn. That is where my great-grandfather, John Mahoney, lived from at least 1890 to 1898 at apartment number 1484. He married Mary or Maria Carter circa 1892, and their first son, also named John Mahoney, was born in 1893. Their second child, Mary Margaret, was born there on the 2nd of April 1895. This cemetery would have been near their apartment in Brooklyn.

So, first thing today I called Calvary Cemetery in New York, and talked to a lovely lady named Susan. Since I had the date of death, 11 May 1895, she found the burial record within a minute or two. Bridget Mahoney was buried in 1895 in a plot purchased by Ellen Sullivan. No one else was buried in the plot. There went my hopes for finding out more about our family from other people buried next to Bridget.  She was buried on the 13th of May 1895 in Third Calvary Cemetery, Section 18, Range 18, Row 5, and Plot L. The entrance to that section is on 52nd Street and Queens Boulevard. Third Calvary was established in 1879. Susan thought most likely there isn’t a gravestone.  Here is a map of the actual cemetery sections.

Going back to the 1885 New Jersey Census in Woodbridge, NJ, along with Bridget, Timothy, John, and Michael Mahoney, also living with them was Jerry Sullivan. Sullivan is a surname that keeps popping up in our Mahoney research. In January 1900 when John and Mary Carter Mahoney’s son James was born in Harrison, NJ, Jeremiah Sullivan and Margaret Taffe were the godparents. It is possible that Jerry or Jeremiah Sullivan was related to the Mahoney clan, and so could have been the Ellen Sullivan that purchased the burial plot for Bridget. But was Ellen Sullivan a daughter or sister of Bridget? Was this Ellen the same Ellen Sullivan that was a witness when Timothy Mahoney married in Woodbridge, NJ? And who exactly was the Jerry Sullivan also born in Ireland in the 1885 NJ Census?

Next step for my sister and me is more research into the Buckley and Sullivan family. We now have possibly the names of another set of our 3rd Irish great-grandparents. If we can find a baptismal record for Bridget, daughter of John and Margaret Buckley, born circa 1832 in Ireland,  it will be a streak of good luck. It still may turn out that the Bridget Buckley Mahoney buried at Calvary Cemetery isn’t in fact my 2nd great-grandmother, but more family research will hopefully help clear up the origins of this Bridget Buckley Mahoney.

Here at Genealogy Sisters we wish you good luck this summer with your family research! Start with what you know about your immediate relatives and start building your family tree. Although it is really easy following those shaking leaves on also do your own research. Order birth, marriage, and death records (BMD) and visit cemeteries, courthouses and archives. Look at not only the United States Federal Census returns, but also the individual state census return.

Recently a reader of this blog gave the suggestion to look at the genealogy and census records at and it has a goldmine of information. Look through the filters on the left column and maybe you will find something like an old genealogy book about your own ancestors.

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New Jersey State Census Returns 1885 – 1915 for Timothy Mahoney

Mahoney family living in Woodbridge Township, County of Middlesex, New Jersey. “New Jersey State Census, 1885.” Database with images. FamilySearch. : 14 June 2016. Department of State, Trenton. Accessed 2017.

With the recent DNA results showing that Timothy Joseph Mahoney was the brother of my great-grandfather, John Mahoney, I decided to try searching the New Jersey State Census records. The above image is from the 1885 State of New Jersey Census, and since Timothy Mahoney married in Woodbridge on 1 September 1889, I’m fairly confidant the census record is the correct one.

A decennial census is one recurring every ten years. New Jersey conducted its own decennial state census from 1855 to 1915. Pre 1855 NJ state censuses are incomplete, and the 1885 is the first one that survived complete and indexed. FamilySearch, a free genealogy site from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has online the 1885 – 1915 New Jersey state censuses., a paid subscription site, has the 1905 and 1915 ones. Often the FamilySearch records have a clearer image. Since the 1890 Federal Census only remains in fragments, looking for state census returns can be very helpful in family research. A good online site to check for state census records is Cyndi’s List at

FamilySearch also has a guideline as to what state censuses were taken and when:

The 1885 NJ State Census shows that all of the Mahoney family living together in Woodbridge Township were born in Ireland. The headings include: Name, First and Last; Residence; Race; Gender; Native or Foreign Born; and Age Range ( 5 years and younger, 5 to 20, 20 to 60, and over 60). Under Foreign Born are the headings –  Irish, German, and All Other Nationalities. While I was originally looking for Timothy Mahoney, it is quite likely I found my own great-grandfather, John Mahoney. From Federal Census returns he usually put down that he emigrated from Ireland in 1879. Michael Mahoney most likely was another brother. Both Timothy and John named a son Michael.

What is also intriguing is Bridget Mahoney. Possibly she was the sister of the Mahoney brothers, but she could also have been their mother. We know their mother’s name was Bridget Mahoney, née Buckley. When I sent this census return to my sister, she quickly looked at FamilySearch for any deaths recorded for a Bridget Mahoney in Woodbridge, NJ, and she found one for a Bridget Mahoney, born in Ireland circa 1831, and died 11 May 1894.

Bridget Mahoney’s Death Record

When I looked to see if the death record could be ordered from the New Jersey State Archives, I found it under 11 May 1895, but it looks to be the same Bridget Mahoney, age 63, Woodbridge, Middlesex County. NJ. I ordered the record and I will post it on our Genealogy Sisters blog when it comes in. Although it may turn out to be the wrong Bridget Mahoney for our family, the record can always help another Mahoney family.

Now you know how easy it is for one piece of family research to lead to another – at least for me! I keep a notebook to remind me what I’m trying to accomplish. Back to the New Jersey census returns!

In the 1895 NJ Census I found Timothy Mahoney living in Newark – Ward 7, Essex County, with his wife, Mary, both age 20 to 60, and son John, age under 5. Son, John Mahoney, was born 18 December 1890 from other records.  Their son, Timothy, was born 27 August 1895 in Newark. Although the date the enumeration was taken isn’t on the top of the form, most were taken in June or July, so Timothy wasn’t included [Online publication – Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2007. Original data – New Jersey Department of State. 1895 State Census of New Jersey. Trenton, NJ, USA: New Jersey State Archives].

For the 1905 New Jersey State Census, Timothy Mahoney was living in Newark, Essex County, NJ, in the 1st Ward, with his wife, Mary, and children. It was taken on the 10th of June. Timothy was born in Ireland April 1862, occupation Tailor, living in the USA 21 years, Naturalized. Mary was born in Ireland May 1865, living in the USA for 16 years. Their children were: John, born Dec 1890; Timothy, born Aug 1896; Michael, born August 1897; Jeremiah, born September 1899; Bridget, born August 1901; nd Lawrence, born 1904 (month not legible). The children were all born in New Jersey [“New Jersey State Census, 1905,” database, FamilySearch ( : 8 November 2014), Timothy Mahoney, , Essex, New Jersey, United States; citing p. 12, line 72, Department of State, Trenton; FHL microfilm 1,688,596].

When the 1900 Federal Census was taken, Timothy Mahoney was listed as born in Ireland in June 1861, age 38. In the 1910 Federal Census the month and year are not listed, but only the age, and Timothy Mahoney was listed as age 47. By the 1920 Federal Census Timothy was listed as age 53, born about 1867.  It seems common in our Irish family research to see conflicting birth dates.

The last New Jersey State Census available for Timothy Mahoney was the 1915 one, taken on June 1st. The Mahoney family was living in Newark, Essex County, Ward 15. Timothy and Mary’s son, Michael, had died in Newark on 2 April 1908. Timothy Mahoney, Sr., was listed as born in Ireland in February 1862, occupation Tailor, living in the USA for 31 years, and Naturalized. His wife, Mary was born in Ireland May 1870. living in the USA for 27 years. Their children listed were: John, born in NJ December 1890, occupation Bookkeeper; Timothy, Jr., born in NJ August 1895, occupation Driver; Jeremiah, born in NJ September 1899, occupation Laborer; Bridget, born in NJ August 1901, Scholar at St. Patrick’s; Lawrence, born in NJ March 1904, scholar at St. Patrick’s; and Hanoria, born in NJ October 1908, not yet in school [“New Jersey State Census, 1915”, database with images, FamilySearch ( : 8 October 2014), Timothy J Mahoney, 1915].

Timothy Mahoney, Sr., was my second great-uncle. From DNA results from descendants of his son John Aloysius Mahoney (1890-1984), that I matched with on AncestryDNA, I have been able to find out more about this branch of our family tree. I’m so thankful the family has wanted to share information! Quite a few years back, my sister and I had thought this family was possibly related to us, based on the naming pattern of their children, and the fact that they lived near our great-grandparents John and Mary Carter Mahoney, who had moved from Brooklyn, New York to Harrison, New Jersey, circa 1898.

Both the DNA results and the death records of brothers, Timothy and John Mahoney confirmed our research. My great-grandfather, John Mahoney died on January 26th 1916 in Newark, and his brother, Timothy, died on May 22, 1921 in Newark. They both listed their parents as John Mahoney and Bridget Buckley. Now with the 1885 New Jersey Census it appears likely that my great-grandfather, John, had first lived in Woodbridge, New Jersey before moving to Brooklyn. I am still on a quest to find out where he lived from 1879 to 1885, but by researching his Mahoney siblings I may find out more.

Many immigrants came to Middlesex County in the 1800s, because of plentiful jobs, and its ideal location for industry along the Raritan River. Timothy Mahoney consistently listed his occupation as a tailor in census returns and the Newark, NJ directories. It is unknown if this was a skill he acquired in Ireland or New Jersey. DNA results point to our Mahoney family coming from County Cork, Ireland. Our family had also said County Cork was our Mahoney family’s Irish origins.

Middlesex County, NJ in red. Source:,_New_Jersey

Good luck searching through census returns for your family!

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Tombstone Tuesday – Walter Sikora, 1922-1963

Sikora – Holy Cross Cemetery, North Arlington, New Jersey. Photo copyright Genealogy Sisters.

Walter Sikora was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1922 and he died there on April 26th, 1963. He was buried on April 30th, 1963. Walter, also called Fiddles, was only 41 years old. His wife, Margaret Doran Sikora is also buried in this plot at Holy Cross Cemetery, North Arlington, Bergen County, New Jersey. Margaret was buried there June 4th, 1967.  Margaret, also called Margie, was only 45 years old when she passed on.

Walter’s parents were Bronislaw “Benjamin” Sikora (1895-1947) and Julia Centarska Sikora (1894-1951). His parents had emigrated from Poland around 1913. Walter’s siblings were: Andrew, Joseph, Genevieve “Jennie”, and Mary Adele. Joseph died as a young child. Walter’s parents, and his siblings and their spouses, are all buried at Holy Cross Cemetery.

Holy Cross Cemetery has a good online search. When you visit the cemetery there is a place to check in the office for where your loved ones graves are located. The office staff gives you a map to find the correct area. There is also a link online if you want to submit a genealogy form. There are close to 130,000 internments in the cemetery and mausoleum, so getting the map first really helps as you drive around.

Walter’s brother Andrew married Adele Kwiatowski. His sister Mary Adele married Joseph Zigo, and his sister Jenny married Stanley Zalewski. They all lived near or in the Newark area of New Jersey.

These two photographs were taken at the Sikora apartment in the Ironbound section of Newark. On the back is printed “This is a Kodacolor Print” taken the week of April 23, 1951. Handwritten, “Andy & Adele, Easter Sunday – March 25, 1951. These two photos are really starting to fade. I love Walter’s joy and smile as he holds the baby.

Walter and Margaret Sikora, and son, with family  – Photo copyright Genealogy Sisters.

Andy & Adele Sikora with their baby – 1951

This is the funeral prayer card saved by my family. I love the artwork on front of this card. St. Benedict’s Roman Catholic Church is located on Barbara Street in Newark.

Tombstone Tuesday is a blogging prompt suggested by Geneabloggers. From the website and Facebook page there will be changes there in the near future. The Geneabloggers Facebook page will be called Abundant Genealogy, starting June 1st, and the webpage will also be changing. Many thanks to Thomas MacEntee for all he has done for the blogging community!

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