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Surname Saturday – Tabiś and Tabis Family of Małopolska, Poland

The Tabiś or Tabis surname comes from my Polish grandfather, Josef Mirota’s, side of the family. His mother was Margaretha Tabis (1844-1927). She was born in Zborowice, Poland to Antoninus and Agnes Gucwa Tabis. Our Tabis family lived in Zborwice for … Continue reading

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Family History Month – My Polish Family

October is Family History Month! Of course to someone that loves genealogy, every month celebrates the very same thing. Today I’m looking at my Polish roots, from my maternal grandparents side. Everyone in the photograph above was either born in … Continue reading

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Wigilia and Other Celebrations

Today is our Winter Solstice, and starting tomorrow in my mind I will hear the voice of my dear departed father noting that the days are getting longer. Maybe it was his Celtic roots, but Dad always kept an eye … Continue reading

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